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I discovered a 'dead' space. Silent, abandoned and fallen into disrepair. Dark and devoid of life, both human and plants alike. I began capturing its 'dead breath' with my camera - the faded furniture, rusty pipes and decaying marks became the subject and materials of my art. I tried to express the identity and power of the ‘dead’ space through my images, in the hope that the audience can communicate with it as I did through my work.

'144, Jisam-ro’

An extension of my previous work ‘Leftover’ from Leeds, this installation was created from abandoned materials discovered at the 'Dead Place'. I left a trace of the objects by sprinkling coloured powder where I found them, then used the objects to make a huge sculpture interacting with the atmosphere and structure of the place. This project is a culmination of my work and the experiences gained from working in Leeds and Jigok-dong.

Leftovers by '144, Jisam-ro’