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Exhibition Non-self Standings

The time to come stops and your gaze moves.

Nayoung Kang explores ‘transferring different time and space into a new place’ by transforming ‘alienated objects and places from peoples’ sight’ into a ‘romantic and nostalgic moment’. Kang replaces waiting, desire, and hope in the ‘time to come’ by physical perceptual work. They are waiting for :^) 2020 is a work that derives universal emotion and experience from the viewers. Three structural sculptures in the exhibition space that are waiting for something are only entirely completed when the thing they await is fully piling up onto them. In two works, The one you dropped and Until you see a shooting star (2020), Kang places and arranges several fragmented objects in the exhibition space whilst incorporating light and sound, making them cinematic regardless of the viewer’s gaze. In this way, beginning with the discovery of The one you dropped and the series of fragmented objects placed in the space, time and space gets reorganised around the viewers; and through exploring and feeling the works one by one, a full narrative slowly builds up and is finally experienced as a whole when the viewer actually sits in the work Until you see a shooting star (2020) and causes something to be revealed at the end. This means that Kang, presenting her spatiotemporal perception with her works, is not based on the continuity of object in an absolute space, but the discontinuity in which the object disappears or appears by making it exist in multiple layers. Therefore, in Kang’s work, the object as the ‘image’ does not exist as an identical object in spatial time but exists on multiple levels of dimensions, and the experiencers who fully realise the story as a whole will understand this ‘fictional identity’. And ironically, through the ‘finished sculptures’ and the ‘shooting star’ -which cannot be seen forever - we wait for the time to come, and dream of hope in a romantic moment. -Written by Seonghwan Park (main curator at Amado Art Space)

participated artist in this exhibition: Kang Nayoung, Lim Nosik, Choi Momin
period: 28.August(Fri)-11.October(Sun).2020
time: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00pm-7:00pm
venue: Amado Art Space (Itaewonno 54-gil 8, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea)
design: Miock Park
documentations: Junyong Cho @cjyartstudio
Support : Arts Council Korea

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They are waiting for :^), mixed media, 90 x 90 x 120(h), 70 x 70 x 95(h), 60 x 60 x 80(h)cm, 2020

The one you dropped, ceramics, 6.2 x 5.5 cm, 2020

Until you see a shooting star, mixed media, dimensions variable, 2020